This pack sontains everything you need to grow from start to finish!
Complete carbon pack contains:

  • Hormo Cibus Spray
  • MultiFoliar spray
  • Pot Radix
  • Pot Grow
  • Pot Flora
  • Carbon K
  • Mosblend
  • NC32
  • CALMAG essential
  • MultiKelp

Umya Nutrients is a proudly South African company of dedicated staff with an insatiable passion for their gardens and a true love for the land that nourishes us.

With more than 15 years of successful use of our products in the agricultural industry, Umya Nutrients is making it possible for you to have the same success in your garden.

Carbon is the basic building blocks of life and the key difference in making our fertilizers and supplements semi-organic. All our fertilizers contain an organic base combined with inorganic salts to provide the suitable nutrient composition. All our products are locally manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring quality and reliability on every application. 

Umya Complete Carbon Combo