Novo 2 is the upgraded version of Novo, an advanced draw-activated device! It has been optimized from
every detail. With built-in 800mAh battery, longer vaping time is assured. Newly added air-intake grooves
on both sides can bring more air in, combining with specially designed pods, cloudy vapor and purer taste
can be produced. Also, it has redesigned sensing element to make you enjoy every puff, improved LED
indicator to clearly show you accurate device's condition. Innovation keeps changing vaping experience!



Novo 2 follows the design style of its first-generation, with curved body, it allows you to grip comfortably. And whistle-shaped mouthpiece can perfectly fit your lips. It definitely is the representative product of the electronic cigarette industry.



Novo 2 has a size of 88.3*24.5*14.5mm , which is a definitely mini and light device! Smaller than your palm, so it can be easily put into your pocket or bag. You can take it anywhere!



Engineers optimized charging port and motherboard's structure, improving whole performance and user experience. With 800mAh battery inside, it can be used for about three days after fully charged. ( 200 puffs per day).



Size: 88.3mm x 24.4mm x 14.5mm
Battery Capacity: 800mAh 
Standby Current: <20uA(No-load) < 50uA(Load)  
Input voltage: 3.3V-4.2V 
Charging Current: Max: 0.55A 
Overcharge Voltage: 4.3V 
Overcharge Current: 1A 
Weight: 43g 
E-liquid capacity: 2ml 
Output wattage: 6W-25W 
Charging Voltage: 5V 
Overdischarge Voltage: 2.4V 
Output Voltage: 3.0V-4.0V 

Smok Novo 2

Smok Novo 2 Kit
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