Rhizobacteria for colonising the root zone and improving plant performance. This product will create a rhizosphere around the root zone, which in turn helps with all sorts of things.


Usage instructions per plant:

For granular soil mixture:

Mix 5 g RhiZo-PGPR (1 teaspoon) with the soil before planting. Ensure that the RhiZo-PGPR mixes evenly throughout the soil.


For liquid mixture

Mix 5 g RhiZo-PGPR (1 teaspoon) with 500 ml clean water. Water the soil around the plant and mix into the soil around the plant roots. Can be used in weekly or monthly intervals, depending on the specific requirements.


For inoculating seeds

Mix 2,5 g RhiZo-PGPR (1⁄2 teaspoon) with 250ml clean or distilled water. Inoculate seeds for 30 to 60 min before planting.



Proprietary blend of rhizobacteria:
Aerobic 8x10e8/g Anaerobic 7,8x10e8/g pH = 5.0 - 8.5

Rhizo PGPR