The ‘e’ in ‘e-series’ stands for external control. These fixtures can be controlled centrally by a Gavita Master controller. This replaces the often cumbersome installation with contactors and clocks, and adds safety features such as automatic dimming of your lights at high temperatures and even a safety shutdown. We were the first to launch a double ended 1000W HPS lamp in this market, and we were also the first to introduce a double ended 750W HPS lamp. This lamp bridges the gap between a 600W single ended, and a 1000W double ended fixture.

  • New! Right-size your light for any size room 
  • Comes with the new Gavita Pro 750W 400V EL DE lamp, 1500 µmol s-1
  • Gavita double ended lamp has high efficiency range from 600-825W
  • Total control range 50-110%
  • Suitable for Gavita Master controller 
  • Plug-and-play installation 
  • Lights more than 1,5 square meters with 1000 µmol m-2 s-1



  • Complete Fixture 
  • Horticultural Design 
  • Balanced fixture

  • 400V lamp technology for high-frequency electronic ballast 
  • Replaceable Reflector
  • Controllable Output 
  • Double Ended Lamp 
  • High-Frequency Electronic Ballast 
  • Soft Start – Unlike magnetic ballasts, these electronic ballasts never use more power than their specified power during the start-up sequence. 
  • No in-rush Current - The e-series fixtures are constantly connected to your mains supply, just like a television that is on stand-by. Because of that it never creates a high inrush power when switching on 
  • No moving parts, optimal thermal management 
  • Sealed housing with Gore-tex ventilation plug 
  • Status LED - provides info on the operation status of the ballast
  • Miro aluminium reflector 
  • Soft Dim
  • Suitable for Gavita Master Controllers 
  • Plug & Play installation - Connect your fixtures to the master controller with the standard controller cables provided with the controller and the fixture.
  • FCC compliant



Input Voltage: 230V-240V (± 10%)

Input current at 100%: 3.5A

Input current at 110%: 3.9A

Input power at 100%: 795W

Input power at 110%: 870W

Power Factor: >0,98 THD: <10%

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Certification: CE

Power inlet: IEC C14

Adjustable: 400/500/600/750/825W/EXT

External control: Gavita Master Controller

External control connector: RJ14 (6P4C)


More information

In many rooms you just don’t have the height to run a 1000W fixture at 100%, and in other rooms you don’t need the intensity. Running a 1000W lamp at 750W all the time is a not a desirable situation as the lamp does not come to its full efficiency and the spectrum deteriorates. In those situations the 6/750 DE FLEX is the ideal solution, more efficient, cheaper and with a much better spectrum. We call it the 6//750 as the efficiency of the lamp, dimmed to 600W, is still really good: as good as any other 600W industry standard HPS lamp.
With the 750W lamp you can come almost a ft closer to your crop (a bit less in overlapping plans).


The fixture comprises of a ballast, reflector and lamp in one complete compact package. Made according to horticultural standards, the housing of the ballast is sealed and contains a gore-tex® plug to ventilate the housing, while keeping dust and humidity out.


Ballast output is either controlled by the Gavita Master controllers, or an external switch, allowing it to be adjusted to 400, 500, 600, 750 W, and 825 W boosted output. The Master Controller can centrally control the output hundreds of fixtures in a range between 375 and 825 W output power. Using the Master controller safeguards your valuable crop by the added auto-dim and auto-shutdown features, and completely automates your light control.
The high frequency ballast was specifically designed for the Gavita double ended HPS lamp, resulting in an accurate, optimal output, a stable burning lamp and a better light maintenance over time. The ballast is not suitable to run Metal Halide lamps.


The reflector is replaceable (we recommend to do this every year to two years) and there is a choice of replacement reflectors:


  • The HR96 DE for overlapping configurations, assuring optimal uniformity and penetration. This is the industry standard reflector delivered with the fixture.
  • The W 150 DE for wide configurations, where uniformity and lower light levels are required in large rooms. 150 degrees beam angle, for double ended lamps.
  • The M 110 DE SR for applications in single rows and small rooms, where a single reflector needs to create uniformity and high light levels. 110 degrees beam angle, for double ended lamps.


The spread of the Pro 6//750 with the HR96 DE reflector is about 3×4.5 ft (90×135 cm) at 2.5 ft distance in overlapping plans, providing light levels of up to 1000 µmol s-1 m-2.
The fixture’s light source is a Gavita Pro 750W double ended HPS lamp, generating 1450 µmol s-1 of light. With a light maintenance of over 96% per 5000 hours you only need to replace it once a year.
Mounting is easy because the fixture is balanced and only requires two hanging points. For c-profile installations we have convenient brackets available.


Gavita Pro 6/750e DE FLEX Grow Light

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