Dank connections are proud to always provide only the highest of quality products. All of our equipment that we sell online has been tested and quality approved. We strive to ensure that every single customer receives the best customer experience possible.

We aim to provide innovative and unique solutions for every enthusiast. From industry to home grows we can offer solutions for all. Our goal is to provide a one stop shop for all your cannabis requirements. We aim to provide everything from cultivation to smoking equipment.

Mr. Green
Chief Of Operations

Mr.Green has been the chief of operations since the beginning here at Dank Connections. With his years of experience he brings a vast amount of knowledge to the team and is a vital part of the organisation.

senor spliff.png
Señor Spliff
Quality Control

Senior Spliff is the man in charge of choosing what equipment we retail. In charge of quality control, senior spliff ensures that all the items available are only the best! 

Mary Jane
Train Conductor

The lovely lady Mary Jane. With her good looks and brains to match she was the perfect choice to become the logistics manager for the team. She will ensure that all deliveries are made on time and that each order is packaged properly. Due to her good looks we decided to make her the model for a few logos as well.

captain chronic.png
Captain Chronic
Customers Hero

With all the pesky cops about these days and people harassing stoners constantly, Captain Chronic comes to save the day. With his brief stint in a law school he acquired many lawyer friends and these friends are happy to assist him with any knowledge or inside info he needs.