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We offer a wide range of services on top of our seed and head shop purchases. We can build a custom bong of your own design, made from high quality PLA plastics.  We can help with home grow set ups as well as advise on nutrient deficiencies. We also have doctors that we can refer you to for CBD oils.Lawyers available for referral too.

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 Come and browse through our shop. We are proud to offer competitive prices on nutrients, grow tents, lights, ducts etc. When purchasing be sure to sign up for a loyalty card so you don't miss out on savings and rewards!


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Exclusive area for our members to browse. This is where members will be able to see unique content. Not a member? Ask a participating member how to sign up or ask any staff member. Members receive free loyalty cards upon sign up. 


The Dank Connection is aimed at providing medical & recreational marijuana users with a one stop shop to purchase all of their growing and smoking related items. We put a lot of effort into assuring that our products are competitively priced​. 

We operate within full accordance of the law and we ask our clientele to please do the same.

Dank Connections is proud to always provide only the highest of quality products. We strive to ensure that every single customer receives the best customer experience possible and value any input you may have.


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